I started this project "Dronoisium" in 2011. I intend to explore several kind of electronic drone with machines, from Etheral Atmospheric Ambient Drone to Harsh Noise Wall. I released the fisrt album of dronoisium " L'énergie du soleil noir " in May 2013. I described it as Dark Symphonic Drone from the Black Sun. Since, several tracks were released on their own or as a part of an album. They were made using differents electronic devices, analogic and digital.

ONE 0000 0001

Some videos of DRONOISIUM

HNW / Official Version

The official version of the video of the Dronoisium track "HNW"

Pulsations-001 ( Short Version )

This is the video for the short version of "Pulsations-001"

dronix-1 - 130818 - dronoisium

A sunset somewhere in France during the summer 2013.

Neon-obsession [ HYPER-TRIP ] ParasitE

A fixation in the toilets of a fastfood ...

Etrange Créature

Encounter with a strange creature in the nature ...


An exploration of a wasteland


A sonic exploration by ONE 0000 0001 when his pseudo was still robomatix rebirth

Some photos of DRONOISUM

HNW 05/27/2019
HNW 05/27/2019

Credit : ONE 0000 0001

HNW 05/27/2019
HNW 05/27/2019

Credit : ONE 0000 0001

HNW 06/07/2019
HNW 06/07/2019

Credit : ONE 0000 0001

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